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25% discount on all apartments

To rent an apartment in Kiev.

Increasingly gaining popularity for rent: some people need housing on a business trip, the other - for the session, and others - simply want a break from the monotony of everyday life. Hotel rooms (small room with no home comfort and European service) no guests, no locals no longer attract. If you are planning to visit our beautiful city of Kiev, we are happy to assist you.

"Apartment-plus" gives you the opportunity to rent an apartment in Kiev. Apartments for rent inexpensive cost compared to the prices of hotel rooms, and the ratio of price \ quality makes thoughtful and opt yet on renting an apartment.

Our site is a wide range of apartments for rent from the economy to Vip-class, who are not able to offer the same hotel. Available also apartments rent cheap, but with all the facilities for a comfortable stay - with all necessary furniture and household appliances.

Apartments with jacuzzi.

In our offer we have an apartment with a Jacuzzi. It offers apartments with a jacuzzi in the apartments with the number of rooms from one to four. All the hot tub (which is also known as Jacuzzi) pass regular inspection and a series of preventive measures. The same applies to the other plumbing and appliances. As a result, you can rent an apartment for rent with Jacuzzi and do not fear that it suddenly goes down and spoil your continued stay in this apartment. Some consumer demand in the hot tub and the positive effect associated with stimulation of lean body mass, which will allow you to relax after a hard day and tune in to new successes. In addition, provide a wonderful jacuzzi whirlpool with air bubbles, eliminating blood stasis. In addition, we are even available apartments with a sauna, usually such items are present in the category of VIP class.

Our service will allow to rent an apartment for rent by owner, which also affect the cost of rent and for the better. We can find an apartment by number of rooms, apartments by location in relation to the metro station, the number of beds at photo provided apartments and concise information which attractions, museums and monuments are close by.

One room apartments for rent.

Great demand one room apartments for rent - small, cozy and home-like comfort - they have a low price and a good selection on the above parameters.

Two room apartments for rent.

Slightly less popular car two room apartments for rent, but the range and the price you can pleasantly surprise you. And if you are not one, then you can stay in the 2 room apartment in the center of Kiev.

Three room apartments for rent.

Three-room apartment for rent significantly higher in cost, given their less on our site, they will approach for a large family, the whole company, for activities such as birthday parties or for parties.

Rent the large apartment.

We have a large and apartments - four-and five-room - for several families or a large company. Typically, these apartments shoot for birthday celebrations or parties.

Why is it better to rent an apartment in Kiev?

If you still can not decide - apartments or hotel room, we tell you about the benefits of daily rent:

Why is it better to rent an apartment rather than a hotel in Kiev?
  • first, daily rent apartments allows for a little money to get a real coziness and European service;
  • second, in the apartments, except for a lovely bedrooms, a kitchen. If desired, guests can prepare a delicious homemade breakfast, lunch or dinner;
  • third, all apartments have the necessary set of appliances hair dryer, iron, washing machine, TV;
  • fourth, only in a rented apartment the couple can spend a fairytale wedding night, they will be remembered for a lifetime - you are alone and no one will interfere;
  • fifth, we are meeting the desires of even the most demanding clients, we at their request imperial mansion in VIP class.

To rent an apartment in the city center is easy.

How to quickly remove apartment in Kiev
  • enough to choose an apartment on the factors of interest, and you can just use the search the entire site under the name of the Str., metro station or a monument of architecture;
  • fill out the reservation form flats, stating your contact details, the period of renting an apartment, and possibly your comments;
  • after submitting the form our manager contact will you, will clarify the apartment number, arrival date and departure, and if the apartment is not available, it will help you to choose any free apartment in the city center on interesting factors;
  • payment for rent apartments can be any convenient way for you, as the card payment and pay Webmoney and in cash in our office is also located in the city center.

Any apartment that we rent out, whether it be one-room apartments, 2 room, 3 room linen are included in the price, and posted photos of the apartments have a 100 percent match.

Our company is officially registered and if you are on a business trip in Kiev, help you to get the necessary travel documents and other lists.

In addition to rent apartments in Kiev we carry transfer from \ to airport, train station, transportation around the city and even excursions.

Come for a visit to Kiev. We are sure that you will be satisfied not only the sights, but also with their housing conditions, for rent - is not only the convenience, comfort, but also reasonable prices.

Welcome to Kiev!